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THURSDAY 12th of May
06.00 – 09.05 Flight from Kastrup (SAS)
09:30 Bus transfer to hotel (Check-in time 14:00)
11:00 Welcome to Mallorca
13:30-15:00 Lunch at hotel
15:00-18:30 Free time, beach activities
18:30 -19:30 Pre-drink at the bar
19:30 Joint Dinner at the hotel

FRIDAY 13th of May
07:30-09:30 Breakfast is served at the hotel
08:00-08:30 A 5K morning run (mandatory off course;)
10:00-15:00 Activity time (pick your activity, lunch is included)
18:30 -19:30 pre-drink at the bar
19:30 Joint Dinner at the hotel
20:00 – 00:00 Knowit Rooftop bar with DJ and Quiz.

SATURDAY 14th of May
07:30-09:30 Breakfast is served at the hotel
08:00-08:30 A 5K morning run (mandatory off course;)

09:30 MTB team leaves the hotel for an amazing day!
10:30-15:00 Activity time (pick your activity, lunch is included)
18:30 -19:30 pre-drink at the bar
19:30 Joint Dinner at the hotel No mandatory dinner. But dinner at the hotel is
included, your choice.

SUNDAY 15th of May
07:30-09:30 Breakfast is served at the hotel
09:30 – 11:00 Checkout
09:30 – 14:00 Free time
14.00 Lunch with your consultant manager, meet up at the hotel.
18:00 Bus transfer from hotel to airport
20:15 – 23:20 Retur flight to Kastrup (SAS)

12-15th of May


Last day to sign up/register is March 31st.


This Year the Core kick off will take place at Mallorca 12-15th of May.

The same rules as every year apply: The travel to and from the airport Copenhagen is at your own expense and planning. 

Travel, hotel, food, drinks and team building activitys is included!

A friendly reminder, check you vaccination status. Any PCR tests are to be covered at your own expense. Also, don’t forget to check your passport validity date.


Let us know if you can join before 31st of March!


Mallorca here we go!


Mallorca is a Spanish island with a touch of the orient. Around the end of the 1000’s Mallorca was a pirate base. In the 1200’s, Christians took back the island.

In the old part of the city you can see traces from the earlier cultures. There are lots of old, beautiful buildings left from different parts of history.

Tourism has been around since the 1950s, but in the late 1990s it grew enormously and now has a major impact on the economy. Here they grow and export almonds, orange, lemon and olives. Mallorca also export marble.

For those of you who are looking for rain or snow, we can say you will be disappointed. The weather in Palma can be described as follows. Warm, nice, lovely and wonderful. Now you are to enjoy Palmas lovely weather, good food, exciting culture and customs. We wish you a wonderful stay on the island!



We stay comfortably and modernly at the four-star design hotel HM Tropical at Playa de Palma.


You can take a lovely dip in the hotel’s rooftop pool while looking out over the horizon.

Enjoy a pleasant walk along the beach or discover the surroundings with a wide range of restaurants, bars and shops.

Not far from the hotel you will also find Mallorca’s beautiful capital Palma de Mallorca.

Local bus connections can be easily found here near the hotel.


We all stay in double rooms.

It is a spacious bedroom with two single beds, lovely sunlight and a fully equipped bathroom and the amenities you could wish for during your trip.

Air conditioning, WiFi, satellite TV, telephone, balcony and bathroom with shower/bathtub.


Right next to Playa de Palma’s fine sandy beach is the elegant HM Tropical.

Spend free time at one of the hotel’s two pools (pool towels are free) and enjoy life.

On the hotel’s roof terrace you will find the rooftop pool, which invites you to enjoy lovely dips overlooking the glittering Mediterranean Sea.

If you’d rather sit back in a sun lounger by the pool on the ground floor, you might as well.

Pool towels are available to borrow from the hotel and the gym can be used free of charge.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the hotel’s international buffet restaurant and the hotel’s pool and rooftop bar serves refreshing drinks.


During our days in Mallorca we will have the opportunity to try several exciting activities.

We will do some activities together the whole crew and there will also be elective activities. You will have the opportunity to choose between action-packed and high adrenalin experiences. But also more quiet and relaxed activities. 

Activities- Here you'll find more information about em'​

Cala Nova is one of Spain’s best sailing schools and offers sailing baptism.

Together with a skipper, the participants get a sense of being a sailor and the activity ends with a sailing race. We have nine boats. Maximum number of participants: 54 people, ie 4-6 in each boat plus leader.

This is the tour for those who want to experience a little more of Palma.

A guided bike ride that takes you into the city alleys and stops in interesting places where the guide tells you a little more about history, architecture and some anecdotes. We also get to try some Spanish tapas at one of the typical bars in Plaza España.

We also offer you a similar tour as above, but as a walking tour, Yaiii!

Cycling with tapas takes about 3.5 hours including stops and breaks. 

A day at the beach in Can Pastilla (aprox 15 min walk from the Hotel) with mixed activities.

The group is divided and will take turns to try out the different activities – in some we compete against each other!

Suggestions for activities are beach volleyball, windsurfing, stand-up paDdle, kayaking … or why not arrange a team building with BIG SUP – a team competition on large Stand up Paddle boards ?!

The sport or activity of exploring a rocky coastline by climbing, jumping, and swimming.

We are divided into smaller groups that carry out parallel activities like jumping from cliffs, climbing rocks
in the sea, easier rappelling, etc. – an unforgettable adventure!

Everyone who participates must be able to swim and not afraid of heights. They should bring comfortable, unobtrusive sports shoes with proper sole (these will get wet from salty water).

This activity can be done in different areas and can change depending on the weather.

The bus takes us to Puerto de Soller where guides and bicycles are waiting.

From there we’ll head up to the village, we turn off towards Sa Figuera and it is an easy four wheel road. We reach the view point
Ses Barques,  where we enjoy the view and get a perspective on how high we have reached! Then we ride downhills via the Balitx valley which is lined with stone terraces and old olive trees.
We keep on to the harbor again and at that time it’s probably time for some food!

Last day to sign up/register is March 31st.

IMPORTANT - Entry requirements and local regulations for Spain

When is your vaccination valid for entry to Spain?

If you are vaccinated with 2 doses (or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson) more than 14 days ago and no more than 9 months ago (270 days), your vaccination is valid for entry to Spain.

If it has been more than 9 months since you were vaccinated with 2 doses (or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson), Spain requires you to be vaccinated with the 3rd dose of booster vaccine (or 2 doses if your first dose was Johnson & Johnson).

If you do not meet this, your vaccination does not count as valid for entry to Spain, and you should instead comply with the requirements for unvaccinated people.

  1. Entry form

From 6th of April 2022, it is no longer mandatory to complete a health declaration prior entry into Spain, given that you have a valid vaccination certificate.

  1. Covid certificate

See rules for your vaccination to be classified as valid above.

We recommend that you bring a printed version of your COVID certificate and have it available during your stay.

You print your certificate from Inloggning för att hämta ditt vaccinationsbevis | Covidbevis

  1. Entry form

All non vaccinated travelers must complete an entry form before check-in at the departure airport, but no earlier than 48 hours before departure.

Already at the departure airport, you need to show the QR code from your entry form, so be sure to have it available when you check in. 

  1. Covid certificate

If you are not vaccinated or meet spain’s vaccine requirements (see tab for fully vaccinated), you should show covid test or documentation on immunity if you are not traveling from a green region*

Anyone from 12 years of age who is not fully vaccinated or meets the vaccine requirements needs to present one of the following when travelling from Sweden:

  1. A negative antigen test that is no more than 24 hours old on arrival in Spain (see arrival time on your ticket), including a travel certificate in English. Be sure to contact a supplier who guarantees an approved travel certificate that is uploaded to the E-health authority’s Covidbevis service. It is important that you ensure that you receive a travel certificate from a healthcare provider connected to the E-health authority’s service Covidbevis.se.


  1. A so-called recovery certificate (certificate of covid-19 infection) that is a maximum of 180 days old. The certificate may be issued no earlier than 11 days after the COVID-19 infection has been proven in Naat (PCR test).The certificate shall contain at least: first and last name, date of the test, type of test and country and be in English or Spanish. This certificate is part of the EU Covid Certificate, read more at E-hälsomyndighetens webb what applies and how you go about it.

NB! A certificate that you have antibodies is not approved as a certificate upon entry to Spain. 

*If you live in or travel from a green region on the EU infection map, you do not need to take a test or present documentation of vaccine or immunity to board your flight. Currently, no regions in Sweden are green.

We recommend that you bring a printed version of your COVID certificate and have it available during your stay. You print your certificate from covidbevis.se

As of 1 July 2020, entry to Spain must complete an entry form in advance before arrival in the country, a so-called FCS (Sanitary Control Form) form.

(From 6th of April 2022, it is no longer mandatory to complete a health declaration prior entry into Spain, given that you have a valid vaccination certificate.)

This can be done no earlier than two days (48 hours) before departure.

Do you have questions about how to fill out the form? On the telephone number +34 910 503 050 there is an English-speaking helpline operated by the Spanish authorities.

The line is open 24 hours a day. Nedan hittar du vår manual för hur du fyller i formuläret. 

If the form is not completed, you will be denied boarding at the departure airport.

As a traveler, you are responsible for having filled out the entry form correctly and in a timely manner before departure.

QR code for presentation at the airport

After completing the form, you will receive a PDF via email with the QR code that you will present on arrival in Spain.

This QR code is important for your trip to be completed. Print the QR code as paper printing or show it on your mobile. 

Have you received three doses of vaccine?

You can either enter the date you received dose two, or you can check that you cannot upload your COVID certificate and enter the data manually.

Fill out the form here

Spain Travel Health (spth.gob.es)

From 20th of April 2022, the mandatory indoor mask requirement will disappear with certain exceptions:

  • In public transport, including taxis and other transport. However, not at stations and platforms as long as you can keep the safety distance of 1.5m
  • At health centers and hospitals
  • At the pharmacy
  • For visitors and staff at nursing homes

For example, it is no longer necessary to wear a mask in shops or restaurants.

Masks are recommended in cases where it is difficult to maintain a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters or in poorly ventilated rooms.

Businesses have the right to decide for themselves whether they want to keep the mask requirement in the workplace.

Last day to sign up/register is March 31st.
What currency applies?
Mallorca belongs to Spain, so it is the Euro that applies here. Most places also accept credit cards, most common are Visa and Mastercard.
Can I charge my phone at the hotel room?
Yes, it is the same plug as in Sweden
What time zone is Mallorca in?
It is the same as Sweden GMT+1
Do I need a passport when traveling within the EU?
Yes, always bring your passport when traveling abroad. it may also be useful to bring your EU health card, just in case.
What restrictions apply to Spain?
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